It is a pleasure to announce that the new international scientific publication named Caspian Journal of Chemistry (CJC) proposed to appear in two volumes annually and each volume consist of two issues.

Authors are invited to submit manuscripts reporting original research and or reviews in this field. Submitted papers must be in technical English, suitable for scientific publication. All articles have to be original articles that have not been published elsewhere or are being considered for publication in other journals. All articles submitted are peer reviewed and to expedite the process.

Manuscripts should be submitted through our online submission system. Please do not send complete manuscripts by e-mail unless specifically requested. Receipt of the manuscript will be acknowledged by e-mail.

The Caspian Journal of Chemistry is an international medium for the rapid publication of original review articles, full papers, and short communications in English, dealing with all branches of chemistry. Rapid and simple submission of manuscripts through online submission,   rapid peer review system, rapid online publication of accepted papers, no charges for publication, open-access via (=free availability for everybody worldwide) are all author benefits.

We are eagerly to receive your article which is a great honor for the journal.

Current Issue: Volume 3, Issue 1, Autumn 2014, Pages 1-75 

1. Solvent Free Multi-component Synthesis of Amidoalkylnaphthols Using Phenylphosphinic Acid as an Organocatalyst

Pages 1-5

Heshmatollah Alinezhad; Mahboobeh Zare; Masoumeh ravai; Sahar Mohseni Tavakkoli

2. Chemiluminescence Determination of Atropine using Luminol-Hemin-H2O2 System

Pages 7-13

Seyed Naser Azizi; Mohamad Javad Chaichi; Maryam Heidarpour

5. Analysis of flavor volatiles of some Iranian rice cultivars by SPME-GC-MS

Pages 35-43

Mohammad H Fatemi; Hanieh Malekzadeh; Alireza Ghassempour; Vahide Mahdavi

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University of Mazandaran

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