Chemiluminescence Determination of Atropine using Luminol-Hemin-H2O2 System

Document Type : Research paper


Faculty of Chemistry, Mazandaran University, Babolsar, I.R. Iran


A sensitive and fast chemiluminescence (CL) method has been described for the direct determination of atropine. The method is based on the quenching effect of atropine on the CL signals of the luminol– H2O2 reaction catalyzed by hemin in an alkaline medium. Hemin could strongly enhance the chemiluminescence of the luminol–H2O2 system. The luminophor of the luminol–H2O2–hemin CL system was identified as the excited state 3-aminophthalate anion. The CL from luminol–H2O2–hemin system is strongly inhibited by the presence of atropine. Under the optimum conditions, the CL intensity is proportional to the concentration of the atropine in solution over the range 0.1-29 µg/ml. Detection limit and relative standard were 0/045 µg/ml
and less than 4%, respectively. The proposed method has been utilized for the determination of atropine in injection and urine samples (The urine samples were collected from different healthy volunteers) withsatisfactory results. Recovery tests were also carried out by adding a known amount of atropine in samples.